We are your resource for Product Development. We specialize in Design

Engineering and Prototyping Services. Manufacturing Process development, pilot

production and process validation runs are preformed in our assembly facility.

In addition to process development we design and fabricate assembly tooling and

fixturing to fit your product build requirement in our complete in-house

machine shop.


With over 35 years of new product design, development and manufacturing

engineering experience, our engineers are ready to take your product idea from

concept to mass production. We have extensive backgrounds in consumer and

medical product design and manufacturing including PCB Level Computer Products,

FLCOS Microdisplay and Pico Projector Liquid Crystal Micro Displays, Electronic

Product Packaging, MEMS Chip Scale Packages, Cardiac Stress Test Systems,

Disposable and Reusable Pulse Oximetry Sensors, Holter Monitors, EKG Systems,

and Laparoscopic Electrosurgical Instruments.